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"Suspended States” shown in March 2015 at Manifesto Gallerie, 12/F Clipp Center, 39th St. and 11th Ave., Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

"A New Enchanted Realm," 36x36," 2/20/15

“When Great Minds Don’t Think Alike” 20x18x4" each, 2/16-19/15

"Stepping Lightly Into a Poisonous Garden" 20x28x8", 2/23/15

"Knowledge Isn’t Power," 20x18x4," 2/23/15

“A Stew With Spice and Sweetness," 14x16x11," 2/18/15

"Lying, Lying, Gone," 17x18x10.5," 2/19/15

"The Reality of Quantum Weirdness," 19x19x18," 2/22/14

“Split Ends,” 20x16x13," 2/14/15

"‘Kaboom!’" 30x22x20," 2/24/15 and "Reducing Spectacular to Simple," 2/26/14

"How to Giggle at Mortality and Other Discomforts," 2/26/15

“Suddenly, Layering Is the Rage," 15x15x9", 2/16/15

“When the Growth Model Fails,” 22x22x17," 2/13/15

"Odd Pieces, Perfect Fit," 1/28/15

“The Post-Trend Universe,” 18x24x14", 2/12/15

“Advice for Finding Your Groove,” 15x16x8", 2/17/15

"A Journey, Fearless and Full," 18x21x14", 2/21/15

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